Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
Errata (and clarifications) to the 2009 Edition

Updated: Jan 28/09

Report a mistake to the editor.

Despite what some think, every possible effort is made to keep the number of mistakes down to a minimum. As I have said many, many times ... even the smallest of mistakes (no matter how trivial) is not acceptable. I thank those who have the time to read the catalogue from cover to cover with a magnifying glass looking for even the smallest mistake.

All reported mistakes have been corrected for the next (2010?) edition.

Page Type Description Date Added
23 Scott number The first line of the "USA-style tagging" section says "(Sc. 1706 and 1714)". These are two of the Scott numbers that were changed in this edition. This should read "(Sc. 1696 and 1699)". Jan 28
28 Postal rate increase in 2009 When the catalogue went to press it had been reported by Canada Post that the postal rate in January 2009 would be 2c (from 52c to 54c). Subsequent to this, the Privy Council Office has reduced this request to 1c (i.e. 53c). Will the decision get reversed? We will wait and see.

The rate increased to 54c on January 12/09, as noted on page 28.

Nov 6


Jan 23

74 Caption The caption of the picture at the bottom of the page should be 107d, not 107ciii. Dec 4
123   The plate # 25 entries for 254 are missing the LL entry [this mistake has been in the catalogue since at least the 2002 edition]. It should read as follows:

Nov 24
168 Unitrade number Well, # 463 caused a number problem AGAIN this year. The second 463vi should be 463vii and the pricing for the used should be shifted to the right into the PB column:

Jan 18
239, 247   992a and 1059a are described as "booklet pane of 10" within their respective listings (which is correct), but they both say "Lithography, booklet pane of 12" above the listings [this mistake has been in the catalogue for 4 editions and just now spotted]. Nov 10
305 Unitrade number A new 1489ai entry was added for an "imperf. strip of 5". This should have been 1489aii. Nov 30
339   1688/89 and 1691/92 are tagged (GT4), not the "Not tagged" as noted above each listing group. Dec 2
341 Date of issue 1699 has two different dates of issue shown. The correct one is Dec 28, 1998. Jan 22
444, 445, 449 Annual collection singles After noticing that Canada Post did not include certain self-adhesive singles in the 2008 Annual Collection (see below), a check was made back to the 2007 year. It turns out that there are also certain issues that were not included in the 2007 Annual Collection from Canada Post (the unique singles were only available in the respective Quarterly Packs):
  • Flower coils (2187v/2195ii/2196ii/2197ii)
  • Ottawa (2214i)
Dec 8
456, 459, 462 Annual collection singles The following self-adhesive stamps were not included in the 2008 Annual Collection from Canada Post (the unique singles were only available in the respective Quarterly Packs):
  • Flower coils (2244ii/2245ii/2246ii/2247ii)
  • Peonies (2262ai)
  • Yousuf Karsh
  • Anne of Green Gables (2278i)
Dec 7
487-488 Scott number changes As noted on pages 338-342, Scott changed several numbers on the definitive stamps found in this group of pages.

The booklet section, as published, did not reflect these number changes. This affects BK214-BK217 and BK236-BK237.

Nov 6
500 Caption The caption for C5 should read "Daedalus in Flight". Jan 22

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