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34p Anniversary (15k)Why this Machin Site?
(page updated: Aug 12/03)

We (my father and I) have nearly a quarter million used Machins sorted into the various denominations, regionals, and elliptical perfs. It was time to organize them a bit more. The ultimate goal is to create a set of specialized album pages that would act as our reference collection.

To do this, it was felt the following had to happen:

obtain a good reference set of major varieties: all denominations with colour, regional, EME image, and elliptical perfs.

Done ... purchased a mint reference collection in mid April 99.

purchase the latest edition of The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook.

Done ... purchased in mid June 99.

identify only the easily identifiable used varieties and document this list in a form that would be usable by myself in Saskatoon and my father in Winnipeg. The internet seemed like the natural outlet - colour images of all of the stamps could be posted and updates made as needed.

Done ... after an estimated 120+ hours from the end of May to the middle of July 99.

Some significant updating to this site has begun in April 2002. This site was initially setup for collectors of used Machins. Changes to this site, that will take several months to finish, include listing varieties that are only distinguishable on mint copies. As well, more information on booklet singles will be added. Regular visitors will notice the new title header at the top of each page - this will better indicate that these are Machin-oriented page!

The Pre-Decimal booklets have been listed. Slowly progressing on the Decimal booklets...
develop the album pages.

Available ... click here for details.

sort our stock of Machins even further and mount an example of each variety onto the album pages.

The fun has yet to begin!

The fun and enjoyment associated with this project has been more than anyone can imagine (ok, maybe another Machin enthusiast can!). Only a Machin-Nut can understand just how much fun scanning the 500+ images; creating the circular value tablets; developing the over 250 web pages found on this site; studying the Deegam handbook; sorting selected Machins for specific reference varieties; starting to create the album pages; etc., etc. ... can really be!

Disclaimer: We apologize for any errors of information that might be present. Your feedback is appreciated.

For even more varieties on Machin stamps, check out The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook (simply the best Machin
 handbook available anywhere) by Douglas Myall - click for details.

Booklet pane numbers used courtesy the Modern British Philatelic Circle
who publish 'The Bookmark' Catalogue

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