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New values for 2009
Listed here are new values and/or colours not seen before.

Feb 17/09
New "security feature" Machins
1st gold (15k)

2nd blue

1st PIP Large2nd PIP Large
50p grey1st gold (15k)1.50235
New "security feature" Machins, noted as:

"Future printings of basic and Large Letter stamps will be printed with irridescent ink in a security pattern in the dark area around the Queen's head, and four small semi-circular slits within the stamp "which will prevent the removal of stamps from envelopes.

Fraudulent use of used stamps costs Royal Mail a considerable amount every year. .... The features are designed to prevent any stamps from removal."

Thanks to Ian Billings of Norvic Philatelics for this information.

Mar 31/09

New values/colours:

17p olive 22p stone 62p red 90p ultramarine

New Machin varieties

Jan 13/09

  • 16p and 50p from British Design Classics Prestige Booklet (different printer: Cartor Security Printers of France, lithography, DP395)

Feb 12/09
  • 5p, 10p and 48p from Charles Darwin Prestige Booklet (De La Rue, lithography, DP402)
Mar 31/09 (and Mar 10/09 and Jul /09)

Walsall Machins, with security features

  • 1st gold
  • 2nd blue
  • 1st Large gold
  • 2nd Large blue

These come with different slit cutting and 'hidden codes', found in the wavy ROYAL MAIL pattern, located at the top right, above the diadem.

The codes are as follows (from Norvic Philatelics blog):

  • B replacing A in Royal - ROYBL MAIL - in business sheets (Large 1st and 2nd Machins)
  • B replacing A in Mail - ROYAL MBIL - in business sheets (standard 1st and 2nd Machins)
  • C replacing A in Mail - ROYAL MCIL - in mixed booklets with four 1st Machins and two commemoratives ("C" is for custom; 1st gold "C" was issued Mar 10/09)
  • F replacing R in Royal - FOYAL MAIL - in booklets of four stamps (large 1st and 2nd Machins)
  • S replacing A in Mail - ROYAL MSIL - in booklets of six (standard 1st Machins)
  • T replacing A in Mail - ROYAL MTIL - in booklets of twelve (standard 1st and 2nd Machins)
  • R replacing A in Mail - ROYAL MRIL - in rolls of 10,000 (standard 1st and 2nd Machins; July 2009)
There are no hidden codes in counter sheets, which means that no denominated Machin has a code.

Royal Mail says that these codes let them know the source of a stamp when a problem is discovered, for example, a sub-standard application of the phosphor bands.

1st gold security letters (click detail for full image):


Aug 18/09

20p black

1st anniversary

Sep 17/09
  • 1p, 90p from Treasures of the Royal Navy Uniforms Prestige Booklet (different printer: Cartor Security Printers of France, lithography)
Nov 17/09

New "Recorded Signed For" Machins

As reported first by Ian Billings of Norvic Philatelics.

Disclaimer: We apologize for any errors of information that might be present. Your feedback is appreciated.

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