Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
Errata (and clarifications) to the 2010 Edition

Updated: Dec 22/09

Report a mistake to the editor.

Despite what some think, every possible effort is made to keep the number of mistakes down to a minimum. As I have said many, many times ... even the smallest of mistakes (no matter how trivial) is not acceptable. I thank those who have the time to read the catalogue from cover to cover with a magnifying glass looking for even the smallest mistake.

All reported mistakes have been corrected for the next (2011?) edition.

Dealer address changes
Page New address Date Added
473 Gordon J. Downey

279 Dymott Avenue
Milton, Ontario  L9T 0Z7

Tel: (289) 878-6383 Fax: (289) 878-6019
Email: gordonjdowney@cogeco.ca

Oct 11
477 Medallion Stamps

PO Box 93157
Headon Postal Outlet
1450 Headon Rd
Burlington, ON  L7M 3Z0

Oct 10

Page Type Description Date Added
179 Date of issue Both 541 and 542 were released June 1, 1971 (not June 7). This mistake has been in the catalogue for several years without being spotted before! Dec 3
184 Table listing 586cs in the summary table of Caricatures (lower right corner of page) should read 586as Dec 22
444 Caption The caption for 2201i should read 2201a (Scott Publishing assigned this new number). Nov 13
482 Listing BK66bi and BK66bii should both read as "b" rather than as "a" Nov 13
514 Listing CL30ei should read "inverted airplane" (not "overprint inverted") Nov 24
565 Listings U112 through U125 are duplicated on page 565 (they already appear at the bottom of page 564). Nov 28

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