Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps
Errata (and clarifications) to the 2006 Edition

Updated Mar 21/06

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The re-formatting and addition of new listings and perhaps 30% more information to this year's catalogue was quite an undertaking. Part of the re-formatting for this edition required a massive copy/paste of data from the Corel Ventura Publisher program to the Adobe InDesign program. Due to the transfer of data and new additions, I had expected a couple of minor mistakes to creep into the final product.

I obviously became too comfortable with the layout and contents of the catalogue while adding the enormous amount of new information, subsequent editing, and then proof reading. Some of the mistakes that occurred slipped by due to my familiarity with what I expected to see. More pairs of eyes during the proofing stage might have caught some of these.

However, that is no excuse for the following mistakes, many of which are due to the old 'copy/paste' scenario. Some of these mistakes made it past several pairs of eyes during the editing/proofing stage. Thanks to all who have sharper eyes than myself! These mistakes have been corrected in my master copy for the '2007' edition, which should prove to be a virtually error-free edition, thanks to 'editors' like yourself.

Some formatting 'mistakes', such as missing a '.00' after a value, or syntax and minor typos, have been reported and corrected; these are not necessarily listed below.

Other items noted are clarifications on specific listings.

Many thanks to those who have pointed out that the "new expanded information and modified layout of the catalogue far outweigh any errors that might exist." Your understanding is greatly appreciated. I still regret (more than you will ever know), and accept full responsibility for these errors...

[A special thanks to those who responded to the Letter to the Editor in the Jan 10th issue of Canadian Stamp News. Thanks for your appreciation towards to the changes and thanks for the 'sharp eyes' in detecting the most minor of mistakes - every correction makes future editions that much better.]

Page Type Description Date Added
32 price alignment A couple price entries for Scott 4vi, 4vii, and 4viii were moved to the left one column. The correct alignment is as follows:  

49   The portrait of the 'old queen' was done by Alexander Bassano (not Von Angeli).  
52   The column headings at the top of the page are 'missing'.  
79 price alignment Prices for 141xx should be shifted to the left. Jan 1
82 quantity Scott 150 had a quantity of 1,311,000,000 (billion; add 3 zeroes).  
105 price alignment The Mint F price for Sc. 231 should be 0.35; shift each of the 0.25, 0.20, 6.00 prices to the right one column. Jan 7
115 date The release date of Scott 254 is Apr 9, 1943 (not Apr 10, 1942).  
128   Scott 317 was printed in two colours: Engraved (1 colour) and Lithography (1 colour). Jan 1
134 more information It should be noted below Scott 343 that "No. 344 is not assigned".  
137 remove listing Scott 367 does not come in an "identical pair"; thus, remove the listing for Unitrade 367i. Dec 27
137 price alignment The price of the plate blocks for Scott 364 should be shifted to the left to align under the NH-VF column. Mar 21
138 price alignment The price of the plate blocks for Scott 372 should be shifted to the left to align under the NH-VF column. Dec 7
138   The note about FDC values in the box at the top of the second column should read "...from No. 373 to ..." (not 273). Jan 1
138   In the box at the bottom of the page it says "as is illustrated on page 131." This should read "as is illustrated on the previous page." Jan 1
145 perf The Cameo coils are Perf 9 1/2 horizontal (not vertical).  
146 price The mint price of Scott 415 should read $2.50 (not 50c). The "2" was dropped in the conversion from the previous edition.  
150 price alignment The price of "10.00*" for 443a should be shifted to the right, under the FDC column (it is not a plate block). Jan 1
161   The printer for the high value Centennial definitive is "Canadian Bank Note Company" (there is no such company as the "Canadian American Bank Note Company"). Nov 30
161 listing The newly added listing of 463pvi is for a DF (not LF).  
164 printing Scott 478 is printed by Lithography, not engraved.  
165 clarification Unitrade 487i occurs on all panes; the 'dot in top of A' appears on most of these stamps (but not necessarily all of them) Dec 31
168 date The release date of the two Christmas stamps (502 and 503) is Oct 8, 1969 (not 1968).  
169 price alignment The FDC price for 505p has slipped to the next line; the asterisk in the FDC column should be immediately to the right of the 2.00 PB price. Jan 1
176   Unitrade 562pi is a short "n" in "Plains" (not "a"). Dec 31
176   The GT2 tagging on 562-564 is OP2, not the migratory OP4 type. Dec 31
178 price alignment The price for the miniature pane of 585b should be shifted to the left (under the NH-VF column)  
179 caption The caption for the booklet pane of 18 (the last picture on the page) should be 586b (not c).  
180 price Unitrade 591vii is a single from a booklet pane. Thus, the plate block price is not applicable (i.e. delete the 5.00 PB price for 591vii). Feb 14
180 price The plate block price for 593vii should be closer to $10.00 to make it in line with the single price. Jan 6
189 date The "Keep Fit" Winter Sports stamps were issued in 1974 (not 1973).  
193 caption The captions of 671 and 672 are reversed.  
213 price alignment Prices for 838a should be shifted to the left.  
213   Scott 841 is "Tagged, GT4". Jan 8
214 price alignment Prices for 844a and 846a should be shifted to the left.  
215 price alignment Prices for 852a should be shifted to the left.  
217 price alignment Prices for 867a should be shifted to the left.  
218 caption The captions of 880 and 881 are reversed.  
221 price The PB price of 907 should be $6.00.  
221 cat# The new listing for 907 of "MF" was assigned "ii" - this should have been iii. That is, 907iii is the new number for the MF variety.  
221 footnote The caption under 908 ( * ) should read "Commercially used on domestic mail". Dec 31
227 spelling The caption for 936 should read Banff National Park (not Bank).  
229 cat # 945 has two "i" varieties. The first one listed (hook tag flaw) should be 945ii. Jan 1
232 caption/image The captions of 971 and 972 are reversed (i.e. reverse the picture).  
235 caption/image The captions of 999 and 1000 are reversed (i.e. reverse the picture).  
238 footnote The * footnote should read: "* Nos. 1018 and 1025 are incorrectly inscribed: No. 1018 actually shows a church in the Northwest Territories while No. 1025 actually shows a Yukon Territory landscape." Jan 1
242 text The title of the "Canadian Forts" should read # 2 (not 1) as these are the second set of Fort stamps to be issued.  
243 caption/image The captions of 1063/1064, 1065/1066 are reversed (i.e. flip the picture).  
244 caption/image The captions of 1071 and 1072 are reversed (i.e. reverse the picture).  
260 date Scott 1176 was issued Dec 28, 1990 (not Jan 18/89). Nov 21
265 caption/image The captions of 1199/1200, 1201/1202 are reversed (i.e. flip the picture).  
265 price consistency To be consistent, the pricing for 1202a should be: NH-VF 3.40; Used F 2.50.  
269 date The definitive timeline in the second column should read "1989, Jun 30" (not 1990). Jan 1
270   The listing for 1250a is a vertical se-tenant pair "(1249, 1250)". Jan 1
278 caption/image The captions of 1306/1308, 1307/1309 are reversed (i.e. flip the picture).  
279 caption The caption for 1325a should read 1326b. Jan 1
280 cat# The description for 1325b says it is from BK130. This should read BK131.  
287   BK142 is pane 1363b (not 1362b). Jan 1
290 price The price of a mint single of 1374i should be $2.50 (not 12.50).  
290 cat# In the table at the bottom of the page, 1364b should read 1364a (for the 49c Delicious)  
304 caption The river shown on Scott 1489 is the St. John River, NB (not Fraser River, BC).  
310 tagging The tagging of Scott 1523 is FCP (not GT4).  
313 wrong image The pictures for the Prehistoric Life in Canada - 4: Mammals (Scott 1529-1532) should be:

315 tagging The tagging of 1547-1551 is FCP (not GT4).  
316 images The images for 1552e and 1552f are reversed.  
327 caption The captions for 1605w and 1605x are reversed (the images are in the right order).  
332 caption The caption for 1621i should read 1621c.  
333 caption The caption for 1629 should be "Children skating" (not skiing). Jan 1
342 date Scott 1692, 1694 and 1696 were issued Dec 28, 1998 (not Dec 28/00). Nov 29
358   Scott 1785 was printed in panes of 16 (not 20). Dec 12
358 caption The caption for Scott 1786 should read "The Khanda"  
365 date Scott 1812-1814 were issued Oct 12, 1999 (not Oct 19/99). Mar 13
366 printer The printer of the 1999 Christmas stamps is Canadian Bank Note (not Ashton-Potter) Jan 20
375 printer The printer of the 2000 Fresh Waters of Canada stamps is Ashton-Potter (not CBN) Jan 20
379 caption Both captions for the Canadian Regiments stamps show Scott 1876. The second image (that of Les voltigeurs de Quebec) should be Scott 1877.  
380 text The second paragraph under "Peaks and valleys" should say that coils have a valley at upper left and booklets have a peak at upper left. This correctly noted in the third paragraph and in the caption. Nov 24
384   1900i should read "accent above R of THREE" (not E of THREE).  
387 duplicate picture The pictures for Scott 1910c and 1910d are duplicated from 1910a and 1910b (the captions are correct). The image should be:

388   The 'Roses' combination FDC listing is for "Nos. 1911-1914" (not 1910-1913). Dec 2
390 price alignment The used price for 1922 should be 0.30. Shift the $4.75 price to the right, into the PB column Jan 7
392   Scott 1930a is a booklet pane of 6 x $1.25 (not $1.40). Jan 1
393   Scott 1932 was designed by Saskia van Kampen and Stuart Bradley Ash (remove the designer and 'based on a sculpture' information as noted).  
406 duplicate picture The pictures for Scott 1981 and 1982 are duplicated from 1979 and 1980 (the captions are correct). The image should be:

406   Scott 1980 is a 48c stamp (not a 49c face value). Jan 16
409 image The images for 1991a and 1991b show the stamps without the 'Vancouver/2010' imprint - which they should. The layout of the pane is identical between 1931a/b and 1991a/b. Jan 16
430 captions Scott 2077 pictures "Flag over Durrell, Twillingate Island, NL" while Scott 2079 pictures Flag over Mont Saint-Hilaire, QC (the descriptions have been reversed; the images are correct).  
431 listing Scott 2084 is a $1.45 souvenir sheet (not $1.50).  
433-434 captions The images and Scott numbers of the Fishing Flies (2087a-d, 2088a-d) are in the correct order, but a couple of the captions are incorrect. The correct list is:

2087c: P.E.I. Fly
2087d: Mickey Finn
2088c: Mickey Finn
2088d: P.E.I. Fly

452 missing Place the following note just before BK56:

Beginning with BK56, all booklets printed by BABN have a counting
mark on every 50th booklet. Price is 2.5 times normal.

454   BK82b and BK82d were intended to be deleted (as noted on page 574 in the 'Unitrade numbers deleted' section).  
461 issue date The issue date for BK201 is Sep 20, 1997 (not 1987).  
462 images The images of BK216 and BK217 are reversed.  
463   Booklets BK234 and BK235 are panes of 6 (not 5 + label). Nov 21
464   Booklet BK264 has $1.25 stamps (not $1.05) Dec 21
465   Booklet BK282 has a UPC barcode of ...02803 8 (not ...02805 2) Dec 21
466 price The price for BK305 should be $7.00 (not $19.50).  
485 caption The caption for the detailed plate variety of F1 should read F1iii.  
488 and 489 header The headers at the top of each of the Centennial Postage Due listings (5 times) are incorrect (due a 'cut and paste' from another section). The headings should be:

That is, remove the NH% at the left, move the single pricing notations to the left one column, and insert PB over the second last column.

471-474 header The headers at the top of the listings for all Air Mail and Air Mail Special Delivery stamps show "on cover" in the right hand column. These should be "FDC" columns. Feb 18
491 missing The NH factor for the listings of MR6 and MR7 should be 100%.  
524 listing Unitrade UA48 is a 78c balloon air letter sheet (not 76c). Jan 20
533 listing Unitrade UX144 is "from $1.45 design" (not $1.50) Feb 14
537 header The headers at the top of each of the listings for all British Columbia/Vancouver Island stamps (6 times) are incorrect (due a 'cut and paste' from another section). The headings should be:

Jan 17
574   Under 'Unitrade number changes', the first line of '1167x becomes 1167ai' should read '1165x becomes 1165ai'.  
574   Under 'New Unitrade numbers', the BK336Ba should read BK236Ba; BK280Ac should be BK280Abi; BK280Ad should be BK280Abii; PEI listing of 4viii should be 9viii.  
575 abbreviation The abbreviation for The Lowe-Martin Group should read LMG (not LWM).