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Canadian Stamp Tips: #10 of a series
Posted Nov 14, 2000

Canada's Non-denominated stamps (and stationery)

907 Many countries around the world have issued stamps that are non-denominated - that is, no denomination appears on the stamp.

This is generally done (but not limited to) when new postage rates will soon come into affect but the post office does not know the exact new rate at the time new stamps need to be printed (it takes quite some time to approve a design and print millions of stamps and then have these distributed to all of the post offices throughout the country).

Canada is no different. Here is a listing of the stamps Canada has released that were non-denominated:

Non-denominated Postage Stamps

Issue date Sc# Value Description
Dec 29/81 907 30c "A" Maple Leaf, pane of 100 (pic)
Dec 29/81 908 30c "A" Maple Leaf, roll of 100 (pic)
Nov 1983 1-ST 27.56c or 29.08c Christmas experiment label; used only in Winnipeg, MB (pic)
(sold 12 for $3.49 and 25 for $6.89)
Nov 1984 2-ST 28 1/4c Christmas experiment label; used across Canada (pic)
(sold 12 for $3.39)
Nov 3/94 1536 38c Soloist, Christmas "Greet More" (pic)
May 1/95 1546 43c Flag with scene of lake (pic)
May 5/95 1547-1551 43c Fortress of Louisbourg (strip of 5 in booklet of 10) (pic)

Non-denominated Stationery

Issue date Value Description
1990   Flag over Prairie special order envelope (size 8 and 10) taken from 39c stamp issued Feb 8/90 (sc#1192) (pic)
Jul 7/97 $1 Flag over Building postal cards (25 designs, taken from 45c stamp, sc#1362) (pic)
Nov 7/97 $1 Flag over Building postal cards (10 designs, taken from 45c stamp, sc#1362) (pic)
1998 $1 Birds of Canada postal cards (5 designs, taken from 45c stamps
Sc# 1592-1594, 1711-1712)
Jul 1999 $1 Pan American Games postal cards (4 designs, taken from 46c block of 4 issued Jul 12/99)
1999 $1 Millennium Dove postal card (taken from 55c stamp issued Oct 12/99)

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