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On this date (September 7) ...

End of Charlottetown Conference (1864)

Charlottetown Conference 1864
Stamp issued: 1935.06.01   

End of Charlottetown Conference (1864)

Charlottetown Conference
Stamp issued: 1964.07.29   

End of 74th Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (1985)

Inter-Parliamentary Union conferance
Stamp issued: 1985.09.03   

  • Date: 09.07

    6 stamp(s) found.

    International Literacy Year

    39c multicoloured

    [Literacy - a Human Right / Alphabetisation-un droit humain]   

    Canadian Folklore

    43c multicoloured

    Alberta Folksong

    [Alberta Folksong/Chanson de l'Alberta / My _ name is Dan Gold, an old bach'-lor I am,]   

    Canadian Folklore

    43c multicoloured

    Quebec Folksong

    [Chanson du Quebec/Quebec Folksong / La you c'qu'I sont tous les raft-mans?]   

    Canadian Folklore

    43c multicoloured

    Newfoundland Ditty

    [Newfoundland Ditty/Chanson de Terre-Neuve / I'se the b'y that builds the boat,]   

    Canadian Folklore

    43c multicoloured

    Kanien' Kehaka Song

    [Kanien' Kehaka Song/Chanson Kanien' Kehaka / Toh-sa' sek-sa : a te-sashen-tho]   

    SA Mental Health

    P 57c)+10c multicoloured

    [Mental Health / Sante Mentale]   

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