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On this date (January 28) ...

Birth of Alexander MacKenzie (1822)

Alexander MacKenzie
Stamp issued: 1952.11.03   

Birth of Ellen Louks Fairclough (1905)

Ellen Fairclough
Stamp issued: 2005.06.21   

Death of John McCrae (1918)

John McCrae
Stamp issued: 1968.10.15   

Death of John McCrae (1918)

In Flanders Fields
Stamp issued: 2015.05.03

SA Death of John McCrae (1918)

In Flanders Fields
Stamp issued: 2015.05.03

Birth of Paul Henderson (1943)

The Series of the Century
Stamp issued: 1997.09.20   

SA Birth of Paul Henderson (1943)

Canada 150
Stamp issued: 2017.06.01

SA Death of Fernand Leduc (2014)

The Automatistes
Stamp issued: 1998.08.07   

  • Date: 01.28

    4 stamp(s) found.

    SA Flag over Mountains

    42c multicoloured

    "Quick stick"

    SA Greetings Booklet

    43c multicoloured

    Quick Stick, Canada at left

    SA Greetings Booklet

    43c multicoloured

    Quick Stick, Canada at right

    Bishop's University

    48c multicoloured

    [Universite Bishop's University / 1853-2003 / Recti Cultus Pectora Roborant]   

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