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Additions, Corrections to Canada Specialized Books

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Updated: Mar 16, 2000
Additions and corrections to the six specialized books by Robin Harris. These include:
  • new listings (items issued or new finds since the books were published)
  • catalogue number changes (including new Scott and changed Unitrade numbers)
  • typographical corrections
  • miscellaneous changes and corrections
  • significant price changes
 Karsh/Wilding/Cameo      [ updated Feb 11/99 ]
 Caricature/Landscape      [ updated Mar 16/00 ]
 Environment      [ updated Mar 16/00 ]
 Artifact/Parliament      [ updated Mar 16/00 ]
 Wildife/Architecture      [ updated Mar 16/00 ]
 Fruit/Flag      [ updated Mar 16/00 ]

During the first week of December 1998, a set of 5 pamphlets of additions and corrections were mailed to all those who purchased at least one of these books from the Saskatoon Stamp Centre. If you purchased a book from another dealer and would like a set of these pamphlets (free of charge), please e-mail Robin directly. Please note that the listings on this web site (linked from above) are more up-to-date than the Dec 98 mailing.

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