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All Students are recorded here for the first time, whether they be prospects, currently enrolled, or archived.

Features: (click for Reports)
  • unique Student ISP number
  • 'Status' used to identify groups of students
  • two-line address
  • miscellaneous notes (unlimited memo field)
  • pop-ups to fees, homestay changes, school changes

User-defined Drop-down lists:

Drop-down lists defined via another module:

Fees: [ Top ]

  • Record all billings made to the student and all payments received.

Parents: [ Top ]

  • record personal information about each parent.

Permits: [ Top ]

  • record information about student's passport and permit.

Profile notes: [ Top ]

  • record information to appear on a student's profile report.

Health: [ Top ]

  • record specific data regarding any health issues.

Insurance: [ Top ]

  • record specific information regarding insurance.

Other years: [ Top ]

  • record other years that student was involved in your program.

Pictures: [ Top ]

  • list (and view) an unlimited number of pictures of each student.

Homestay changes: [ Top ]

  • Track all moves of a student between Homestay families (if any).

School changes: [ Top ]

  • Track all movements of a student between schools (if any).

Disclaimer: screen shots may not not be exactly as found in the current version of the program due to on-going updates and enhancements.

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